0find 10.21                                                                                                            © 2009-11 Work.Space Programming                                   churchkids.org ChurchKids.org             info@ChurchKids.org Begin A Group My Age Group is: 6-10  Sweet Tower           101 11-13 High Tower        102 Ice Breaker Alley  103 14 + Bush Church 104 Ice Breaker Alley 103 Digging Diamonds 134 20 + Help Cries          128 Make The Connection129 Adult Awareness     About Youth Where are Our Youth? 123 Help Cries 128 Computer Ministries 117 Teenage Jesus 131 Get / Keep Church Kids      132 Puzzle That Breathes         133     About Employment & Visitation Comfort Zone Visitation 122 Mr. Jōb Lost His Job 130 Job Search Workshop        121 Build A Group My Age Group is: 6-10 Flour Power    105 Website Ona Wall    106 11-13 Cookie Jar Granny    107 SpaceAge Clubhouse 108 Nano Web Lab 109 Teaching Teachers 111 Teenage Jesus 131 Texting With Hope 110 Magic Website 112 Videos 124 Bundles of 120+ stories 114 Peanut Butter Keyboard 113 Teen Screens 127 Get / Keep Church Kids      132 Digging Diamonds         134 14 + Jericho Walls 115 Barefoot Computing 116 Computer Ministries 117 Mop Room Missionary 118 Powerhouse in my Shoes 119 God’s Computer Manual 120 Job Search 121 Age / Purpose groupings are only approximations. Refer to other groups as well. 101 - Sweet Tower is a basic construction project of sticks and gum drops used to practice biblical ‘quartets’ in scripture that magnify Jesus Christ. The project works just as well with 1st graders as nursing home residents. 102 – High Tower is a step up construction projects of bamboo sticks, and glue (optionally hot melt glue) that teaches the importance of patterns (in scripture) and God being our High Tower for many of the reasons towers were and are used. 103 – Ice Breaker Alley are a collection of stories and basic teaching tools with a 'computer flavor' great for drawing student focus on supporting missions. 104Bush Church is an advanced construction project using the same tools and processes as the High Tower. It's emphasis is to draw attention to the needed materials and teachers in jungle clearing mission stations. 105 – Flour Power includes basic cardboard construction projects that teach children technology responsibility and its pinnicle purpose in evangelism. 106 – Website Ona Wall teaches first graders order and fun ways to learn to 'program' a website that draws attention to all the important people of a church; your church. 107 – Cookie Jar Granny is an ebook in the “kitchen table evangelism” genre focusing on cell phone responsibility led by a silver-haired grandmother and girls. 108 – SpaceAge Clubhouse is a collection of about 20 stories in the “Tech-Trash Evangelism” genre. In a condemned store setting and using computer trash parts as metaphors Gramps teaches children about God and themselves. 109 – Nano Web Lab is a “garage evangelism” genre of teen boys story series from the silver-haired adult point of view.  110 – Texting With Hope is a “kitchen table evangelism” genre focusing on texting habits of teen girls, from the silver-haired adult point of view. 111 – Teaching Teachers is a series of 26 trio lessons. Each lesson has its own story and “fun page”. This is the beginning resource for linking specific scripture with computing principles. A large portion of these lessons have been Home-School Teacher certified. 112 – Magic Website and Peanut Butter Keyboard is an ebook that builds a strong link between youth and silver-haired adults, in an RV campground, using trash as metaphors. 113 – Peanut Butter Keyboard is a short 'messy' resource teaching the values of discarded computer parts in non-technical ways, that magnify the attributes of Jesus Christ in a 'contest' format, perfect for cold rainy day youth activities. 114 – Story bundles of over 100 short stories most often with a computer flavor.  115 – Jericho Walls is an ebook where youth resurrect their own youth group with tech trash, silver-haired leadership, and an old bus and building. 116 – Barefoot Computing 101 is a simple workshop teaching preparation and safety in computing. 117 – Computer Ministries is an ebook presenting the opportunities and dangers of computing, comparing it to the rewards and dangers of the 12 spies investigating the promised land. 118 – Mop Room Missionary is an ebook of a humble silver-haired man tutoring a group of teens in the fire house mop room. This unique genre shows youth the majesty of old testament scripture in the book of Numbers and Zeb's contageous love for His Bible. 119 – Fine Tuning the Powerhouse in my Shoes is an ebook presenting computing principles in scripture to teens along with critical life attitudes. 120 – God's Computer Manual is a simple workshop for teens that shows the Bible as the pinnacle computer 'How-To' manual. 121 – Job Search Workshop is a workshop for teens and above that establishes spiritual focus as resumes are being prepared and God's doors of opportunity open on His schedule. 122 – Comfort Zone Visitation is a powerful workshop to start a visitation program that begins in your sanctuary. 123 Where are Our Youth explains why youth are leaving church or never entering to begin with. A part of the resource details the difference between administrative technology use and evangelistic technology use. 124 - Videos on a range of computer and scriptural links. 125 - Cookie Mountain Missionary is a powerful “kitchen table missions” story for adults ministering to teens and tweens. 126 - Back Yard Missions Fair puts it all together in youth creating their own missions station that can involve other youth, and silver-haired adults 127 - Teen Screens puts focus on good planning of a project before touching the keyboard with or without any typing skills. 128 - Help Cries teaches the silver-haired generation how to answer the SOS cries of ex-teens drowning in the flood of information and the devastating Technology Tsunami, with prayer and action. 129 - Make The Connection introduces hands-on projects with a technology flavor tailored more-so for the ex-teen. 130 - Mr. Jōb Lost His Job shows on-the-job stresses famous bible characters had to deal with. (follow on with JOB SEARCH WORKSHOP 121) 131 - Teenage Jesus presents a Power List of attributes that were part of Jesus’ life maturing through his teenage years, for mentoring teens, today. 132 - Getting / Keeping Church Kids shows how to make connections with youth, scripture, technology, in unique fun easy-to-understand ways. 133 - The Puzzle That Breathes gives detailed steps to help us understand teens and how we can better mentor them. 134 - Digging Heaven’s Diamonds is a collection of wordsearch puzzles that require the keywords to be found and completed from scripture.    Library Menu Games That Teach ‘n Reach Digging Diamonds              134 GPS Menu               (God’s Place of Service for you) Kitchen Table Cookie Jar Granny 107 Cookie Mtn. Missionary 125 Texting With Hope 110 Construction Sweet Tower 101 High Tower 102 Bush Church 104 Flour Power 105 Magic Website 112 Website Ona Wall 106 Make The Connection 129 Clubhouse Nano Web Lab 109 Jericho Walls 115 SpaceAge Clubhouse 108 Workshop Job Search 121 Comfort Zone Visitation 122 God’s Quad Workshop Scrap ‘n Screwdriver Ice Breaker Alley 103 SpaceAge Clubhouse 108 Back Yard School & Fair Back Yard Missions Fair 126