Videos 1v 12.19                                                                                         © 2009-11 Work.Space Programming                           (among others) Grace ‘n Towers connects youth, computing, and scripture in a non-technical, God- honoring way.  YES, we’re on: Database With A Twist demonstrates computing principles in scripture in a heart-piercing way.           Building preschoolers and above, into backyard missionaries with unique spelling games that may turn into missions tool kits with a computer flavor on a zero-budget.  Our Bible is overflowing with timely power-packed principles for each of us to live joyful lives that honor God. Toddlers and older can use the School Mouse to tell their friends and parents about God’s matchless love. Advanced Browser and book power-searches as demonstrated in scripture. Scriptural Computing principles abound for us to make our keyboard time sweeter, God-honoring, and safer.  Real Communication that gets the real word out to preserve lives and not destroy those around us. Where to Start  on every journey is half the trip. But tried and true directions must be followed.