3a01.18                                                                                        © 2009-10-11 Work.Space Programming                                    churchkids.org (among others) Getting / Growing Church Kids puts Icebreaker Alley up front in EvangelismGold Mining. Icebreaker Alley recycles materials into missionary tools for  backyard, intercity, or jungle clearing ministries. But more importantly it is a perfect process for new involvement and new friends to build new relationships on. Icebreaker Alley dismantles scrap computer objects and social walls. It assembles the objects into powerful tools for everyone with a heart for evangelism. No special tools or skills needed. Keypoppers By Preschoolers Plus  Laughter is spontaneous when keycaps go flying in first steps to making friends and maybe preschool missionaries. Use a spoon or stick to pop the keycaps off old computer keyboards that have been disinfected. Supervision recommended.         Trashcan Toolkits Headed For Mexico “Hey Joey! I got a couple screwdrivers and a junk computer. I sure could use your help for a few minutes to tear this thing apart! Wanna help?” Nothing more than a simple question amid screwdrivers and a prayerful burden for the lost youth nearby that feel so alienated by the nearby church and its “we've done it this way for 40 years” attitude. Download some of the pdf kits from the menu above. =Click for Video=