Connection! is a subset of the on-line mega library, and a powerful add-on to our Help Cries (ex-teen) resource. Connecting silver hair, God-honoring technology, youth, and scripture. We recommend Help Cries as a powerful prelude to MAKE THE CONNECTION ! Silver Hair + Technology +  Teens & up +     Scripture -------------------- = an uptapped mission field next door to u. Connection Starters Details click HERE Teens and Ex-Teens have been born  into an age that has never been without  computers, the Internet, cellphones and  smartphones. As we reach out to them,  we MUST include some level of  technology in our methods, while never  changing Calvary’s message one bit.  connection/index   9.5                      © 2011 Work.Space Programming                                                        We recommend that you review our HELP CRIES blog  for a deeper understanding of the youth in your  God-given field of harvest.  Non-technical alternatives  would include our other  building projects listed in our  Fast Resource Finder. <<< Click image to enlarge.