1e  9.3                                                                                                            © 2009-10 Work.Space Programming                                   EvangelismGold.com  (among others) Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. 1 Bundle #01    65kb PDF 1 Buckets ‘n Rainbows; Employment.  putting worry notes in a abucket 1 Holy-wood Spotlight; Employment. visitation. skit put on by kids 1 Killer Boss; Work stress. David and King Saul   1 A person named Jealous Father/son relationship.   building the son's fort 1 15 Second Keyboard;   Poor discipleship.   computer time management 1 3 Boys; Christmas.  Humble birth of our Lord and Savior 1 A 50 Gallon What?; Our Testimony.  Light Bulb changer. little but important 1 Ain’t Done Yet; Steadfast.  Blind boy emails island missionary 1 An E in Class; Evangelism.  Keyboard quiz with students 1 Aroma; Evangelism. Perfume on Jesus reaching others 1 Bible Fireworks; Praise.  Center Psalm 117 small vs. nearby Ps 119 1 Black Holes in My Blood. Stewardship of Talents.  Donna's DNA and resume 2 Bundle #02     65kb PDF 2 Blind Truth; Handicap Faithfulness.  Pete blind but still discipling youth 2 Blinko Point Time Check; God's Timing.  We should relax and sync ourselves to God 2 Boring 1st Chronicals; Bible Accuracy. All verses are important; inspired. Chr. Begats 2 Boxes ‘n Burdens; Simple Evangelism.  Teen girl at Missions Office with boxes. 2 Brandi’s Mission Fair; Hidden Talent.  Seniors have talent not being used (typing) 2 Bulldozer Secret; Outward Appearance.  Football player named Bulldozer 2 The Button; Youth Evangelism.  Robot Toy in children's ward 2 Button Tracts; Tract Evangelism.  Buttons that match T shirt and tracts 2 Catsup Granny Totter; Testimony. Wrong reading can destroy. Spoof on Harry Potter. 2 Chat Room Christmas; Handicap Computing. Online Chat room. mouthstick. Manger 2 Church Steps Sermon; Testimony regardless.  Waving at churchgoers that don't wave back 2 Church Window Entrance. Church Hospitality. Even in run down country churches 3 Bundle #03     57kb PDF 3 Clank Clank; Clubhouse. God's in control, even when distruction is closeby 3 Clipart Company; Clubhouse. Hidden talent. Don't judge by outward appearance 3 Clock Conductor; Clubhouse. God's timing. Unity. Paxton Church presentation 3 Miss Yellow Eyes; Prayer required. Girl robot Beta that required commands in Dutch 3 Closet Secrets; Prayer preparation. Created database for Vet medicines 3 Computer Eyes; Clubhouse. Mouse Eyes. Caution what we look at 3 Computer Fishin;      Computer. Searching for files step by step 3 Computer Missions Fair; Computer. Fair. everyone had a part. Nothing complicated. 3 Computer Skin;                    Clubhouse. Outward appearances not important. God looks inside. 3 Voice from the empty Box; Clubhouse. CPU feet. Everyone has a testimony. 3 Computers and Whittlin’; Clubhouse. Faithful with what you have. Discipling others. 3 Computing With Heart; Clubhouse. Gramps Wheelchair. Church unit Page 1  of  4