1e3  12.30                                                                                                            © 2009-10 Work.Space Programming                                   EvangelismGold.com  (among others) Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. 7 Bundle #07    54kb PDF 7 No Burger Blastoff; Poor Preparation. Dream about forgetting shuttle food 7 No Good to Nobody; Self esteem. Everyone has talents for Jesus 7 Normal Ned; Handicapped. Blind. Getting others to read scripture. 7 Only Small Potatoes; Self esteem. Welcoming church goers. Young helper. 7 Painting Tears; Church maintenance. Hungry children's mural. 7 Pair of Bulls; Clubhouse. Startup. Using woreout buildings and people 7 Pancake Syrup; God's Love for us. He remembers our names 7 Parade of Junk Parts; Discipleship. Nursing home folks and kids junk computers 7 Person Present; Clubhouse. Heaven's gift is a person; a 7 Piano Tuning God’s Way; Church duties neglected. Little boy and girl helping 7 Pies ‘n Puddles; Missions. Start in your town. And start now. 7 Pot Bellied Stove. God's Mercy. Mica windows in stove and book of Micah 8 Bundle #08    51kb PDF 8 Questions Are Not So Bad; Visitation Tng. Two teen girls and water hose 8 Rats; Prayer for Deacons. Little girl confused about Dea Con pesticide 8 My Red Wagon; Gifts from God and Parents. Christmas gift expectations 8 Redemption Store; Redemption. Something like redemption stamps and store 8 Robot Tears; We're not robots. Our feelings often produce tears 8 Sewing Machine; Self Esteem. Sewing pocket of astronaut suit and Jesus' robe. 8 Side Car Unicycle; God's Gifts. Bicycle instead of a red wagon 8 Smiling Fingers; 8 Song Amid Sorrow; 8 Sophie Chair; 8 Spectacle Sam; 8 Spoonin’ Smiles. 9 Bundle #09    58kb PDF 9 Star Names; 9 Still Waters; 9 Tar Pit Turmoil; 9 Teacher Tools; 9 Tee Shirt Evangelism; 9 The Big Mission; 9 Tippie Toe Email; 9 Trash ‘n Treasures; 9 Tricky Sideshow; 9 Trinity Printer; 9 Twiddle Key; 9 Twin Toes. Page 3  of  4