1e2  9.3                                                                                                            © 2009-10 Work.Space Programming                                   EvangelismGold.com  (among others) Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. 4 Bundle #04      61kb PDF 4 Cutting Corners Hurts; Clubhouse. Doing your best. preparing “God's Pwr Box's” 4 missions 4 Daisy Pedals; Testimony. Little Girl Daisy pedals.. He loves me; Bible tells me so. 4 Dancing Diamonds; Patience. Be on God's timing. Ps 40.  4 Dinner Pail Mailers; Prayer. Especially for parents and computer users. 4 Dog Lessons; Testimony. Passover Plague. Difference toward Israelites. 4 Drain Pipe; Testimony. Stature unimportant. Child in drainpipe. Little lady got out. 4 Footsteps; Trusting God. Faithfulness waiting on God's Timing. Parkinglot work. 4 Forgetful Fireman; Clubhouse. Preparedness. Computer Grace 4 Fourth Step; Victorious. Olympians. Gold Medal 4 Furball Lessons; Divine Protection. Baby Geese and Moses in Basket 4 Gas Fly Swatters; Watchcare. Care about the circumstances of others. 4 Giant Lens. Testimony. No limitations.  Lighthouse. Notes in catsup bottles 5 Bundle #05      58kb PDF 5 Granny Sims; Seniors Email. Use the gifts God has given you, now 5 He Loves Me; (exists under daisy Pedals name) 5 Headhunters; Evangelism, Creative solutions with God's leadership  treetop rafts 5 Heart Paint & Gramps; Evangelism. Paintings. Imperitive, impress, inspire, initiate. 5 Heaven’s Pillow; Steadfastness. Wally Wheel stresses. God strengthens us 5 Hymn Cake; Resourcefulness. Scrap computer pages at nursing home 5 Itching to be Beautiful; Resourcefulness. Boys in woodshop learning diversity 5 Joystick Calibration; Resourcefulness. Missions. Boys with flight simulator of boxes 5 Jungle Hospital; Computers. Missions. Sacrifice Neenah's orange peels 5 Jungle Flying; Discipleship. Missions Aviation. Boys flight simulator discipleship 5 Key Pout Gold Mine; Computers. Surprise story on a trashed computer hard drive 5 Keyboard Goo. Youth Evangelism. Peanut Butter Keyboard contest 6 Bundle #06    55kb PDF 6 Kiss A Monster; Discipleship. Use our talents to encourage and teach 6 Laundry Room Evangelism; Evangelism. Tract Ministry. in the home 6 Little Hopeless; Computers. Finding God's purpose in our “useless obsolete” world 6 Look What’s Missing; Clubhouse. God's word without error and nothing left out. 6 Mars Misssion Mistake; Robots. Having God lead us where He wants 6 Missionary Email; Missions. Computers. Missionaries feel left out, forgotten 6 Moon Beam Walker; Discipleship. Computer Programming games 6 Moon Missionary; Mission. Memory. Remembering our roots 6 Moose; Love for Pastor. Computer Camp typing sermon notes 6 Moutains & Hills Chapters; Divine Diversity. Even in big and small Psalms  119 and 117. 6 Mouse Parade; Evangelism. Computer junk parade through children's ward 6 Mummy. Clubhouse. Limitations of Email. Mummy-in-sand. Page 2  of  4