index  10.8                                                                                                         © 2011 Work.Space Programming              © Where Texting + Students + Silver Hair + Scripture  =   Hope Tappin Heart Tweets !! Who can I talk to that will REALLY listen and not criticize me?               more... Texting doesn’t give me any peace and lasting comfort -- what will?    more... If God loves me, why do I feel so alone... even with others around?        more... I don’t think I’m any good at anything. So how do I find out, for sure?    more.. I crave someone to love me - who I can love back. Where do I look?    more... I want to feel truly safe. Where do I find out where and how?                more... What is real truth? Does it ever change?  Is it too hard to learn?  more...  God’s really up to something exciting and we need to be prepared.  Candy Cane and cookies help the girls learn from Gram how to STUDY to be Quiet. 10. Another Planet Times 2 11. Time Tunnel 12. My Own Red Cross 13. Juggling Plates 14. Jump Texting! 15. The Right Connection Our Adventure Starts Here: God’s incredible recipes that produce peace, joy, and everlasting hope. What real beauty is, that lasts and what turns it incredibly ugly right before our eyes. Where real help and hugs come from that lead us through all our cloudy days. Reaching out to those who’ve fallen and need our help to get up again. Reading truths to those who are listening to all we say and do each day.  Tina, Bible Proverbs helps us know wisdom and instruction –  so, what’s the difference? =  one king tweet says proverbs give prudence to the simple –    Judy, what’s prudence mean? =  One king tweet – the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge –  Barb,  am I supposed to be scared of God? =  Proverbs helps give knowledge and                          discretion to the youth –                Tam, whats discretion?  1. A monitor is a window never      to be viewed without prayer.  2. Hurtful speech is like email that cannot be erased.  3. Computers, like hammers, are heartless tools to build or                          break at the hand                          of the user.                         4. Memory                           without tears       is heartless above all.  5. God-led wisdom knows the difference between evangelism and      administration      computing.  6. God-led speech       reaches farther       and deeper than webmail. Create your own computer proverbs. Have a contest with on-line friends and followers, while honoring God too ! Some answers here... Adventure   Center