95% of 95% of computer projects require no computers or skills to use them. Creating bulletins, video or powerpoint presentations, reports, websites, etc. are mostly the creating, qualifying content, coordinating, and the on- screen delivery. I’ve personally spent years, proving to myself that a keyboard, mouse, and spell checkers hinder one’s front-end creativity.  Therefore... ...imaginations, pent-up questions, and hunger to be heard, by using magic markers (never crayons), paper, poster board etc. to compose your project. This is a good way to introduce the rest of the church to a student’s world. Wanna Surprise?!! Silver-haired folks are just crying for a project that uses kids, but not workin’ computers. Ask them to help. They’re great listeners too ! =Websites for churches and missionaries =Powerpoint presentations       That teach Bible principles       Junior church quizzes with funny sound              effects.       Experiment with creative ways to use              animation & motion =Make a database that shows leftovers in the       church: space, furniture, talents, time, etc. =Make a sketch of the church floor plan and       how you think it could be used better.       Trustees will really be interested in them. =Create scripts for videos of a teen’s world.       1n 1.19                          © 2010-11  Work.Space Programming                           churchkids.org This page is merely a beta collection of teen activities to partner with TEEN TURF resources.