a01.17                                                                      © 2010-11 Work.Space Programming                                            wsprog.com/czv/ This resource may be stored, translated, or distributed by any means without charge or change but not become part of an object that is sold. Rocketing 35,000 mph, since 1977, the little Voyager-1 Deep Space Probe continues to take measurements of its 'neighborhood' and provide 2-way communication with planet Earth and the scientists who designed and launched it. At 10 BILLION miles from the sun, it's the farthest object of mankind that listens and talks to its creators. 2... Back here on earth doctors place a special electronic probe against the skin and have 2‑way communication with the life saving artificial pacemaker just beneath the skin, near the left shoulder. 3... Easily the most prominent electronic communication today is the cell phone; the smart phone. While walking down the street we maintain 2-way conversations with others, and also billions of web pages, blogs, texts, emails, videos, and music.   4...  Why then are churches AFRAID  to knock on neighborhood doors, meet new folks and invite them to your church events, or simply share your faith with them in a compassionate 2-way conversation? more... Our workshop describes a joyful expectant journey to that neighbor's front porch and beyond. ....These resources center on prospective 1st time visitors of every age to your church or fellowship. That is, those beyond your home bound, nursing home, hospital, and sick visitation. ....The workshop consists of two modules: Prayer Walking and Prospecting. Each module has its ‘training tips and techniques’ in steps. ....Each step is a progression from the one before. ....While the Comfort Zone Visitation Workshop has us continually look OUTWARD toward the souls to reach, they also have us search INSIDE at our own spirituality. We’re left with the reminder that God can only bless and lead our efforts if we continually work on being that fit vessel that best represents Him. ....A comfortable way to begin visiting prospect’s homes. This totally free curriculum is ready for your immediate download.