1w 4.11                                                                                                            © 2009-11 Work.Space Programming                                   churchkids.org Each story is rather stand alone and can be presented in any order. Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. Module 1 Stories 1 - 11   Introduction Clank Clank Pair of Bulls Clipart Company Clock Conductor Computer Eyes Computer Skin Computers and Whittlin' Computing With Heart Cutting Corners Hurts Fred the Forgetful Fireman Heart Talking Machine Module 2 Stories 12 - 22 Introduction Little Hopeless Computer Explosion Mummy Person Present Spectacle Sam Still Waters Trinity Printer Twiddle Key Voice From the Empty Box Where's the Mouse? Look What's Missing  1. Provide common ground (technology) where two diverse generations (students and seniors) come together without intimidation. Nothing is 'plugged in' so nothing can be broken, deleted, or messed up. 2. Using 'zero budget' junk to share one's faith and understanding self as well as our Savior. This is called 'Tech-Trash Evangelism'. It works just as well in a church basement or a jungle clearing. It requires no skills, upgrades, or corrections. All age levels can be introduced to this concept. 3. Technology and testimony merge in the SpaceAGE Clubhouse stories where without being drowned in commands, procedures, and even requires no reading skills. This genre is truly unique since it provides a contemporary teaching method that, in my estimation, surpasses the drums, dinosaurs, cowboys, that some church curriculum may be stuck in. Students       Always Promoting           Godly Accountability in   Efforts Computing and Evangelism ChurchKids.org             info@ChurchKids.org © no stories are evil, scarey, or dishonor God or His word.