2a1.20                                                                                         © 2009-11 Work.Space Programming                                  churchkids.org                 BamBuilders                                          (Bible Bamboo Builders Workshop)   Most silver-haired folks think of themselves as used up, out of place, maybe even a burden to others. They value themselves somewhere between an old leaky rain barrel and a broken coal bucket. Their golden years are saturated with endless hours, begging God for a purpose and place to serve. And the endless passion, by the newer generations, for things electronic further alienates them. But the gasoline on the fire is applied by small grandchildren showing the golden years folks how to use a computer.   These hopeless, useless feelings and others from Satan, show their true validity when we ponder a wrinkled ragged-paged Bible like the one pictured. While some might think less of such a Bible, the real value is inside, as notes, tears, worn pages, and verses shared in stormy times.   The Bible often talks about towers, their purpose, and God being our High Tower. Let's build a tower to start with. Then we’ll learn scripture's construction directives, and also how to disciple others in what we've learned from God's precious word. Evangelism Gold is a very large library of resources for most every age, often with a bit of non- technical computer flavor. This library is divided into 3 sections, Mining, Missions, and Mastery. The Mining section consentrates on finding treasures among the leftovers and leftouts; whether they be people or materials. This section includes the BamBuilders Workshop. BamBuilders is short for Bible Bamboo Builders Workshop. This is tabletop construction that honors God. At the present time, BamBuilders is divided into 3 projects; Sweet Tower (Preparation), High Tower (Patterns of Protection), and Bush Church (Partnering). Each one just a bit more challenging.