MINING 1b1.18                                                                                                      © 2009-10-11 Work.Space Programming                           (among others) . Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. Friendly Gauge: 6 and above BamBuilders (Bible Bamboo Builders Workshop) Table top construction of towers, churches, etc that instill life principles while building powerful teaching tools linked to scripture. For 6 to 106 year olds, and the partnering of the two.          Sweet      High              Bush              Tower     Tower           Church      Preparation  Patterns   Partnering          (more projects are being added)                                      Mining is a mission                                       of discovery based                                     on God’s promises to                        us. Scripture says so much                      about God having provisions and plans for us that are far above our thinking and imagination. But yet in His wisdom they are designed perfectly for the path He wants us to travel in serving Him.This Mining segment peaks our senses in finding God’s provisions.     A good example is the golden resource of senior citizens longing to fill their empty ‘golden years’ with compassionate service for their Lord. One of their highest objects of discipling is that of youth. Getting / Growing Church Kids puts Icebreaker Alley up front in Evangelism Gold Mining. Icebreaker Alley recycles materials into missionary tools for  backyard, intercity, or jungle clearing ministries. But more importantly it is a perfect process for new involvement and new friends to build new relationships on. Icebreaker Alley dismantles scrap objects and social walls. It assembles the objects into powerful tools for everyone with a heart for evangelism. No special tools or skills needed. Learn here about Preschool Key Poppers andTrashcan Missions Toolkits.