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Teens ‘n Mentors Library
Start Here, gu, “Teens, Mentors, and Pastors guide to reaching youth and our resources”, 100`p Primarily for Teens and Mentors Cookie Mountain,ed,"Teen, Girls, Kitchen Table becomes mission station and teen to teen college", 201`c Texting With Hope  1&2,ed,"Teen, Girls, Kitchen table mission station, texting w/Bible/Proverbs", 202`g, 203`e God's Quad ,ws,"Teen, Mentor, Quadrunner, How to MORE THAN WIN (and rule with Christ)", 204, 228`1 Power Quad,ws,"Teen, Mentor, Balanced Life, Teen Jesus as Example", 205, 205g graph`f Paycheck Quad,ws,"Teen, Mentor, Organized and improved for employment", 206`e MisSion CriTikal  1&2,ed,"Teen, Tent, Create mission station to ramshackle village", 207`h, 208`b Mop Room Missionary  1&2,ed,"Teen, Mentor, Firehouse Back Room, Love of OT Scripture, 209`e, 210`e, Noah and Knee Miah,ed,"Teen, Boy connects with homeless teens via broken model airplanes", 211`e Teen Bridge,ws,"Mentor, Trios – Understanding FULL JOY and MORE THAN CONQUERORS", 212,212g graph`b Stepper Start  1&2,ed,"Mentor, Business Startup with Noah and Samson stepper motors", 213`e, 214`c This Way For Fun,pu,”Teen Mentor, Search Puzzles, 215`c Scrap 'n Screwdriver,ed,"Mentor, Tech Trash and fishing, Blaster and Adults burden for youth", 216`b Go To Your Room ,ws,"Mentor, Dangers of Scripture Surfing and Snacking, How to listen deep", 217`b Jericho Walls, 1&2,ed,"Teen, Mentor, youth resurrect their own youth group with tech trash, old bldg", 218`d, 225`d How to Become Boss  1&2,ch,Case history Joseph, 219`a, 220`a Powerhouse in My Shoes,ws,"Getting teens organized – Timing, treachery, training etc", 221,222`d Road Kill,ch,Case History,Elijah God's Provision, 223`d, 224`d Green Hair Website,ed, “Mentor, looking beyond youth appearances 226`h Computer Ministries, ws, “Battling the Giants”, Teens & mentors  227`a Nano Web Lab,  229, 230 Barefoot Computing 101, gu Puzzle That Breathes, Help Cries,ws, mentors answering the SOS cries of troubled ex-teens drowning in the data flood, 222`a Ruth, scripture Esther, scripture
Black text is not clickable ???g   = full page graph ???x   = 2pgs per sheet face ???c   = color cover for booklet ???c2 = cover is double-sided ???bk = 5.5” x 8.5” booklet ed       = educational adventure pu       = puzzles ch       = case history gu      = guide ws      = work shop All files are 8.5” x 11.0” PDF All files are provided “as-is” Note1: over 900 individual KJV (English) duo puzzles covering most scripture can be freely downloaded at: Note2: available from for around $14. plus shipping.
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