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Primarily for Toddlers to  Preteens Cookie Jar Granny,ed,"Preteen, Girls, Kitchen Table become mission sta, Sally CellPhone, telcom etiquette",301 Flour-Powered Church Computers,ed,"Preteen, Cardboard Evangelism",302 SpaceAGE Clubhouse 1&2,ed, “Tech-Trash Evangelism, non-technical metaphors with computer parts,303,4 Robott,ed, “Preteen, “Hospitalized girl befriends, granny with memorization by association,305 Space Tweens Clubhouse 1&2,ed, “Rocketry principles in scripture, God's great design,306,7 Dynamite Pete,ed, “God's design for special missionaries”, 308 Strung Out ‘n Strung Up, ed, “A Few of Glory’s Guarantees”,309 God's Computer Manual 1&2,ws, “Computing prin in scripture, (stories and fun pages are online.) 321, 322 Magic Website & Peanutbutter Keyboard, ed, preteens & mentors, “Tech-Trash Evangelism at RV park” 331,2 Leaf Learning Game for youth teaching youth, 334 Sticks ‘n Stones Game for youth teaching youth, 335
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Black text is not clickable ???x   = 2pgs per sheet face ???c   = color cover for booklet ???bk = 5.5” x 8.5” booklet ed       = educational adventure pu       = puzzles ch       = case history ws      = work shop All files are 8.5” x 11.0” PDF All files are provided “as-is” Note1: Available at for around $10. plus shipping
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