PARK IT project With very little technical equipment we set about to DIGITIZE a number of black and white “blueprints” for our nearby state park (and lake). The original drawings were about 24 x 36”. Because this was too big to scan on our computer scanner, we first xeroxed each drawing into 6 segments. The next step was to scan the xerox copies into a computer. The final step was to digitally cut and paste them back  into their original layout in the computer. While the process was of great value to the park engineers and maintenance people, it was a perfect project to begin directing the technology appetite of our teens and ex-teens in a way that is God- honoring and develops important business technical skills. As we went along, we added more youth to the project and developed teamwork attitudes to each youth involved. Teach your students the power of good preparation and prayer before any project. A really neat example was the guy that wanted to build a tower, detailed in Luke 14:28, 29. We’re also reminded that others are watching us. Be sure to save your work all along the way. SCREAMER BUILD #1 Choose an image of a motorcycle that shows some detail of the parts. With simple steps using free computer programs, create a presentation (like Power Point) that has the parts fly together one part at a time. It doesn’t have to be a motorcycle. We even created a quiz presentation with flushing toilets, and exploding bomb sound effects too. WALLS 101 For your students that like to ‘construct’ things, have them use a simple drafting program to make a floor plan of your church or a proposed ex-teen clubhouse. FACE IT! Using a cellphone camera, and a free simple graphics program do cut and paste on the pictures and make wierd faces or buildings or anything that might be connected in some way with your message to them. TIC-TOC TEXTING Have speed and accuracy contests on composing text messages. If your students are really good, have them try it behind their back. You’ll get extra blessings from God if you teach them to choose some of the many tweets listed in scripture; in the book of PROVERBS. connection/conndet   9.6       © 2011 Work.Space Programming