Media 1j1.18                                                                                                          © 2009-10-11 Work.Space Programming                          (among others) Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. “I Thrive on Technology!” “I Really Hate Technology!” “I'm Afraid of Technology!” Whichever of the three is your cry, technology saturates each of our lives like air and water whether we want it or not. But technology is so consuming; so addictive, it fast becomes our bone- deep lord and master. The ironic truth though is that technology is stated emphatically in scripture as being a gift from our true and living God. What we need is a technology operating manual and a safety tips manual to go with it. Friendly Gauge: 6 and above  Technology quickly becomes a puzzle conjesting our lives more each day. During a quiet moment most all of us ask the ultimate questions:   “What's it all for?” “How do we sort this puzzle all out?” “What does the complete picture show us?” “Will this hurt me or those I love?”