The Tappin Tweets shelves of are dedicated to texting - both today's and Bible times. Because the Bible teaches texting in wonderful God-honoring ways, the church needs a bridge to present these principles to youth, parents, leaders, and preachers. Here we provide resources, often in story form, beginning with the  parallel adventures of Ross and Hope Tappin. This retired couple have a love for the Lord and a burden for youth, as deep as Nehemiah had for rebuilding Jerusalem. Presenting the book of Proverbs as texting, the Tappins seek to build joy and purpose into the neighborhood youth. At their kitchen table Ross and Hope acknowledge their strong need to be needed and launch out into this addicting youth activity of texting, but each in a slightly different way. The parallel adventures are index  02.21                                                                                                         © 2011 Work.Space Programming              Garage texting warfare begins Tweets came long before Twittertypes. Make your proverbs. Strange Stairs Joy Journal Follow Me I.O.U.’s published on the website in chapter-like episodes. Hope ministers to teen girls at the kitchen table. Her episodes are listed at the button: “Stories – Hope”.  Ross installs a large marker board out in the garage and teaches boys how to design a website... which just happens to be about texting. His kickoff verse is 1Ch 14:40.His episodes are listed at “Stories – Ross”.  Ross' garage group are going to develop a game about Proverbs/texting to be called, “Screets”. (SCRipture twEETS).