Missions 1c1.18                                                                                                          © 2009-10-11 Work.Space Programming                                   churchkids.org  (among others) The Missions segment is OUTWARD focused in DISCIPLING. Broken computer pieces uniquely become object lessons for diversity, unity, self esteem, God’s order and design of things. These free resources are not technical and require NO working equipment or expertise. They are formatted for preschoolers to seniors. Please read the disclaimer page from the main page menu button. Friendly Gauge: 6 and above Barefoot 101 Computing uses fun ways to teach very serious plans and precautions at the keyboard. Cookie Jar Granny & Sally Cellphone  discover that honoring God includes our communication verticle & horizontal. Mop Room Missionary shows humble heart- changing efforts amid old fire house boots and remarkable truths in the old testament book of Numbers.  Jericho Walls shows teens building their own youth group from trash computers and Granny Simms’ guidance. Dynamite Pete proves that God has a missionary position even for those more challenged than others. Click on images to get details. To download and view later, RIGHT-click and choose “Save target as...”                                                     which are perfect for youth to share with others, while including their testimony. Many have a tech trash evangelism flavor and are great for including in brochures and bulletins. The Magic Website and the Peanut Butter Keyboard is an ebook set in a summertime RV camp. Heartwarming God-honoring evangelism methods are presented within a zero budget, just like yours. Grandpa’s Ghost and the Website Ona Wall Workshop is a powerful method to teach unity, diversity, and church organization to preschoolers and above, with a bit of non-technical computer flavor.  Note: nothing is God dishonoring or contrary to scripture. Flour Power and the Computer Missions Fair shows what knee listening, cardboard, cinnamon, and compassion can do to fire up a children’s program. click image to enlarge Chapter 1 The Giants in Your Life       Sets up the Joshua and Caleb spy mission as the metaphor Chapter 2 The Unmatched Weapon For Every Battle       The Bible is the only weapon appropriate for the battle Chapter 3 More Than Win Your Battle       Your enemy is bread Chapter 4 Your Biggest Enemy Giant       Innocent lives are lost when soldiers do not follow commands. Chapter 5 The Babysitter Giant       Unlike the television babysitter, the computer is entirely           without censorship, even within preschoolers. Chapter 6 A Giant Goes To School       Cloaked first as a teaching aide the computer is elevated           to teacher and authoritarian. Chapter 7 A Giant In the Church       The church office is not the mission field. Chapter 8 The Team Of Giants       Giants team up their destruction with unparallel force. Chapter 9 Giant Fruits In Computerland       “… the things God hath prepared for them that love Him.” Chapter 10 It’s Impossible to Learn Computers!       Training my computer in the flavors of evangelism. Chapter 11 Computer Worms and Cloaking       Infection and deception in giant proportions Chapter 12 www.eMissionary.YOU       Worthy Witnessing Websites