Most often when we click on a file link, it will almost immediately begin playing 
or displaying its video. But many times we want to download the file and SAVE
it to watch over and over, email to a friend, or store it on a cd or elsewhere
(This storage I call ‘warehousing’.) Listen-later downloads are easy as 1-2-3:
           1.  RIGHT-Click on webpage link (instead of the usual LEFT-click)
           2.  Select “Save this link as...”
           3.  Tell your computer where you want to store the file.... that’s it!
To exit this screen left-click your browser backup arrow.
            Because these files are monaural (single speaker) and speech
quality (minimal) you can burn upwards of 80 HOURS of files onto an
MP3 MUSIC disk that will play in your stereo, walkman, and computer.