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Cornerstone Baptist Church is a member
of the Southern Baptist Convention.
•  We believe, first and foremost that salvation is
obtained by placing one's faith and trust in Jesus Christ
as Lord and Savior and by no other means.
•  We believe in the authority and inerrancy of the Bible.
All teaching and preaching is
derived from these two statements.
Our worship centers on the Lord Jesus Christ.
The members of Cornerstone make every effort to be
genuine, loving and accepting of all individuals who are
in need of God’s grace which includes all mankind and
enjoy the fellowship that God intended for us. We further
agree with all aspects of the SBC's Baptist Faith and
To learn more about the Southern Baptist Convention:
We support the North American and
International Mission Boards of the SBC,
which appoints, trains, and sends missionaries
around the world, with both
our prayers and our finances.